Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Two months since I updated last? geez, total slacker..but anyway.. This was an interesting Mothers day at that. I had a super busy weekend, which included our very last Queen of Hearts pageant for the year. It's always a good time, with a sigh of relief for all the hard work we've done over the year for the pageants and everything else, but this year it Really paid off. Due to the economy, our goal for our chapter of the American Heart Association was $24,000. After our 5 pageants, the radioathon and all the fundraising the Queens did our total was over $37,000!! It was amazing! It fills my heart to be part of such an awesome cause, and we have become a pageant family.
Unfortunately, while I was at the pageant things at home were not going so well. For everyone that's my friend of facebook, you all know about our weiner dog Oscar, who had an incident last monday w/ the dogs next door. Altho he thinks he is 120 lbs and 5 feet tall, he is only 25 lbs verrryyy short, but that didn't stop him from getting out of his collar and jumping down about 4feet into the yard next door where two chow/akita/somekinda mixes were waiting on him. By the time I got to him they had tore him up pretty bad, and the outcome ended up with a drain tube, 4 pretty bad puncture wounds, some SERIOUS bruising/swelling, and an expensive trip to the vet. We were very lucky the vet that treated him agreed to see him since we weren't a regular patient, and Jonathan would tell you I was a complete hysterical mess when he got hurt. Oscar was basically my first baby, so you can only imagine. Well a week later I'm glad to say he's doing very well, almost back to his normal self, with the exception of the drain tube (thats set to come out today) and the annoying satellite lookin collar he's had to wear for a week. (When Landon first saw it he said "mommy why is Oscar wearing an umbrella on his head?" Fast foward to saturday night. We're wrapping things up at the school for the pageant and i get a text from Jonathan saying "Your son just cut Elsa's ear with scissors, Yes i said CUT with Scissors" ughhh.. By the time I got home Landon had been punished and sent to bed, but here was poor Elsa, sitting in the floor while Jonathan tried to make her ear stop bleeding. Now for all those out there that don't know, Elsa is our Doberman Pincher. She is absolutely, hands down, the sweetest and most laid back dog ever. She's basically been Landon's babysitter as well because as much of a sissy that she is, I feel like when push came to shove, she would take anybody out if they tried to hurt him. Jonathan said he heard her yelp, and walked downstairs in the den, where he found Oscars (umbrella) collar was cut into some fashionable slices, and Elsa was just sittin on the couch. He didn't realize anything was wrong until she got up and blood dripped all over the floor. Poor Elsa. Needless to say by the time I got home it looked like Texas Chainsaw Massacre had filmed in my foyer and kitchen. We got her wrapped as good as we could w/ some gauze pads and let her lay down, but in the middle of the night some time, she got up, shook her head, flopped her ears, and got blood EVERYWHERE. When I woke up, there was blood all over the carpet, and all over the walls at her bed...Happy Mothers Day to me.. Unfortunately we missed church, and spent the morning taking care of her. I finally wrapped her up with an ace bandage and she looked like somebody that just had a tooth pulled. Through it all, she still loved on Landon..that is true love.. Landon later told me that he "only wanted to give her a haircut" Needless to say we had a long discussion on things he wasn't allowed to touch. So an eventful Mothers day to say the least. As tired as I was, I wouldn't trade it for the world.