Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween fell on a Sunday, so the city celebrated on Saturday. The annual Hometown Halloween was saturday during the day which is an awesome thing for this community! The Rhinestone Rockers & Queen of Hearts had a tent passing out candy so we spent the majority of the day on Main St! Our idea was for Landon and Emma to coordinate this year and me and him dressed as Indians, and Ashley & Em were cowgirls.
Look at this cute little indian :) My only picture of them in th same vicinity..haha
The Rhinestone Rockers danced in the afternoon and of course we wore our costumes!

That night the band The Worx were playing at Cliffhangers Halloween party, so Landon had a slumber party with Grammy & PawPaw and I headed out for the night. Jonathan was supposed to go, but he ended up getting sick so he stayed home and slept. It turned out to be a fun night out with the girls (and Scott haha). I'm a firm beleiver that everyone needs time with their friends!!

Two flappers, an Indian, and Katy Perry ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 year check up

Just a quick post with Landon's Three year stats. (Since I was a bad mom, and never made it for his 2 year ck up) I know, I know, I WORK for his pediatrician, but time just slipped away. lol.
This time he was much better with Dr. Boyd checking him out, but when he looked in his left ear he had to get some wax out, and the poor boy ended up having a double ear infection! No WONDER he's been sluggish the past few days. So we are on antibiotics for 10 days that will hopefully clear him up! I waited to get my flu shot when he did, so I went first and he did pretty good after me. Didn't want the bandaid though! He strutted up to get his sucker and toy from the prize box and went on to work with Dad!
Weight: 38 lbs
Height: 38 1/2 inches tall

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Landon, you are THREE years old! I can't beleive it! You surprise us every day with how much you learn and soak up in the world. Here are some of the things your up to
-You LOVE to sing. Your favorite songs are Big Green Tractor, Hicktown, and Rain. You know almost all the words, and can break it down with your guitar.
-You are very opinionated. (I think you get it honest from me and your dad)
-You are definately an Arritt. You enjoy talking. and talking, and talking some more.
-You basically became potty trained a week before your birthday. We are still working on the whole #2 thing, but as far as going pee, you have it down pat and currently are about 5 days accident free! I guess you just had to do it on your own time!
-You Love to Golf, and your good at it! You can hit the ball almost Every swing, and you love to "practice puttering" in the living room at night with dad.
-Your becoming a real Dad's sidekick. You want to dress like him, go to work with him, and basically just be his mini me.
-You are very loving, and just give me random hugs and tell me that you love me.
-Your a great sleeper still. If I don't get you to bed when you want I can usually find you in there waiting on me!
I can't beleive your already three years old, and I can't wait to see what the next year brings us!
Here was the party crew, you had so much fun! You picked out Optumis Prime things for your birthday. Since your dad let you watch the "robot" movie with him, you've become all about the Transformers! Your dad even had his 'vintage' Optumis for you to play with

You look up to Dillon very much. I think he's the reason you finally decided to become potty trained because you wanted to "be a big boy just like Dil" He was off school on your birthday so he came over to hang out with you

Grammy & PawPaw brought pizza's so everyone had to eat before they played!

You couldn't wait to tear into your cake! The black icing turned everyones mouths and hands black! haha
MaMaw got you the Buzz Lightyear wing pack you had been asking for! I heard "To infinity..AND BEYOND!" all night long
Katrina got you the cowboy boots you had been asking for! You wouldn't take them off to go to bed, so I had to sneak in and take them off after you fell asleep :) Happy Third Birthday sweet boy!
*I also ask that everyone say a quick prayer for two families going through a loss tonight. A local girl who was younger than me lost her battle with lukemia this morning and went to be with the lord. She was newly married, had a bone marrow transplant, and just couldn't get better. She fought a HARD battle, and everyone in our little town sent out prayers, had fundraisers, and just lifted her up. She was an only child, but had an extended family that loved her so. Please pray for her family, her husband, and everyone that was close to her. She is in no more pain, but those on earth are left to grieve for her. To read her story, you can look at her blog

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet baby Paxton

August brought the arrival of my new sweet nephew- Paxton Downey Garrett. Of course I couldn't WAIT to get to Georgia and get my hands on him, so we planned on going down for a week so I could spend time with April (who I miss a TONNN) She was So good at spoiling Landon when he was little i can't wait to do the same for Paxton. I just wish they lived closer so I could snuggle on him more often!!

Atlanta-Sept 2010

Of course when we went to Atlanta we stayed with our good friends the Pendleys. It's always good to see them and spend time with them, and we love for Landon & Maddie to get time together. Unfortunately Kristin had to work that week, but we still made plenty of time to go out to eat and of course get Maggie Moo's Ice cream ;) Jonathan & Chad got a few games of golf in, and Jonathan couldn't resist getting Landon's birthday present a month early. Needless to say, I think we have a future PGA tour member on our hands ;)
Landon always enjoys going to the Pendley's, especially Maddie's grandparents house! He thinks they have THE best toys ;) Sweet Sailer and Noah happened to be there when we got back from getting our pedi(and my eyebrow wax) just doing a little fishing with their dad.

Maddie showing us her Cheeeese face! She's grown up so much!