Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Addition

We had an unexpected addition to our family last week. Meet Pepper-our newest member of our zoo. Pepper was the last kitten from a litter of cats that we basically raised at work. Her mom kind of became our "office cat" and she ended up preggers. We went to her house and took care of her and the kittens every day on our lunch break because the owner isnt' really a cat fan, and the mommy cat belonged to his young daughter who wasn't really capable of taking the right care of them. So we're both suckers for animals in need so she's slowly making her way into the hearts of everyone here...

Myrtle Beach 2010

Well I'll apologize before hand because this is gonna be a post FULL of pictures! Last week we loaded up the van(which might I add was AWESOME to travel in) and headed to Myrtle beach to meet our good friends the Pendleys! Landon had been telling everyone he saw that "we were going to the beach" and couldn't wait. First off-whoever invented the car dvd player with headphones should win the noble peace prize! That thing made for a pleasent ride, and mommy & daddy could listen to the radio while he listened to Kai Lan and Max & Ruby..ahh modern technology! We spent a few hours every day hangin out in the pool. Me & Kristin enjoyed spending time together and lettin the kids play

On the agenda was to visit Riply's Aquarium- and Landon couldn't have been more excited. He wore his shark shirt and shark shorts, and couldn't wait to see the sharks!

He's quick to tell everyone "I stood in a sharp tooth's mouth, but it was just plastic!"
The first time we hit the beach he was very apprehensive about the waves and sand, but he was a regular baywatch babe by the end of the week!

These pictures are all out of order since I uploaded them all crazy, but anyway, this was our last night at the beach so we went out to take a few pictures after dinner

Earlier that night we went to the Original captain benjamin's seafood to satisfy Jonathans craving for it. I'm not a fan of seafood, but that buffet has every darn thing imaginable on it! Not to mention, while I'm handing out the Nobel Peace prizes, give one to whoever came up with the idea of the kids play area while you wait on your table! The downstairs was Loaded with toys, games, a huge boat that you could fish off of, and all kinds of "sea" realated things!

It was hard to get these two to sit still long enough for a picture together!

We always enjoy our time with Chad & Kristin since it's so long in between times we get to hang out. I think the kids enjoyed playing together, even though Landon wanted to be a little rough w/ Maddie, haha I don't think she knew what to think of him. The week went by fast, but we got alot accomplished and just enjoyed the company and the ocean. What more can you ask for?!