Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pool Time

After attempting to do it a few weeks in a row, the sun finally worked with us and Lori & I took the kids to lunch then to the city pool. I worked there for 3 years, and it was probably my favorite job, but our city parks & rec tore up that pool and put in a brand new pool area. Between the kiddie pool and the water mushroom Landon loved every minute of it! He definately gets his love of the water from me, which I'm very glad! Hopefully by next year he'll be swimming w/ swimmies like a pro ;)
I told him the morning we were going that Hunter & Abbie were coming over and when I came in the kitchen I found this. He had took their pictures off the fridge and layed in the floor looking at them, just waiting on them to show up. How sweet that he loves his cousins so much!

April & Josh's wedding

So I've been a major blog slacker the past few weeks. April & Josh got married June 26th, and it was an absolute beautiful wedding! I took a few days off to help get ready, we decorated, got pedicures(which it was my first and I loved!) and just spent time with April. As much as I like Josh I don't like the fact that he is taking April from us ;) They will be moving to Atlanta and I am going to miss April VERY much. She's more like a sister than a sister-in-law. But anyway..Congrats to Josh & April!

Here's a pic of the reception hall. Isn't it amazing?! Me, April & Amanda

April & her maids.. Stephanie, Kelly, the bride, Amanda & Me
We clean up pretty nice

April & Josh leavin in her dad's corvette
The Rhinestone edition! We learned a dance earlier that month, so we all brought our cloggin shoes, and rocked it out at the wedding! Fun times :)
Our attempt at a family picture..haha
The pageant crew all dressed up :)