Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boo on the 24 hour bug.

This fella has been my new Bff for the past 48 hours. About 2am Sunday morning I woke up with a little queezy feeling in my stomach so I ran to the bathroom..needless to say, I spent the next 4 and 1/2 hours in there. Ugh. Sleeping in the bathroom floor with towels as pillows and a sheet covering me up was not the most pleasent, but I didn't even have the energy to get up and go back to our bedroom. Sunday my WHOLE body ached and I couldn't even get out of bed. I just wanted to drink but I knew I could just sip on ice cold ginger ale and try to rest. Landon was SOO good for me and Jonathan went out and got me the ginger ale and gatorade I asked for. He kept Landon entertained and for the most part he played in his room by himself all day watching dvd's and playing his Mobigo. I was SO thankful for that because there was no way I could chase around an active 3 year old! I finally was able to nap for a couple hours then went right back to sleep around 10 and slept all night. I woke up feeling 100% better Monday morning. My stomach is still on edge and I'm not eating, but at least I can move and have a little bit of energy! We have seen so much of this bug at our office and I feel SO sorry for the kids that get it. I hope it stays outta my house for a longgg time!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas was so fun this year! Landon was VERY into all things Christmas-including our new best friend around the holidays-Elf on Shelf. We spent every morning going around the house to see where he landed, and telling him that we had been good (or not so good) at night before we went to bed. He was so fun to buy for this year because everything that came on tv Landon would yell "Mom can santa bring me that?!" Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, not only because we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but because its always a wonderful time to be with family and friends. This post has a ton of pictures so I'll appologize now ;)
This was after Santa came! Landon and Kittle were very excited to see what Santa brought!
"You mean I got a guitar like Stans?!"

Let me play you a little tune. This was the present that he took to all of our other stops on Christmas day, where he put on quite a few concerts for everyone that would listen!

Thanks to PawPaw & Grammy Landon was able to give his dad a special gift he had been wanting! He marched over to him and said "Here's the gun I got for ya dad!"

Our 3rd annual Christmas PJ picture

The kids at Grammy & PawPaws
The last stop was at MaMaw & PawPaw's house where he found his Thomas the Train set he had been "wanting forever!"
Everyone's goods when we got home
I absolutely Love Love Love getting Christmas cards, but usually have them piled in a basket. This year I made my own card holder and I was in love with it! I hope to try to make a few for next year and maybe sell some to get a little extra Christmas cash!

Holidays Part 1

This holiday season came and went in a flash, and I was a horrible blogger throughout the whole thing. The season started off with the annual Covington Christmas parade where we ride with Santa Clause on the last float in the parade. This year it was snowing and made for a perfect backdrop to a small town parade!
Hunter & Abbie showing some sibling love. Finally excited about the parade
Can't you tell he is thrilled to be sitting in the parking lot?

The Reynolds crew.
Landon and his newest baby cousin Jack. We were so excited to have them come up from North Carolina to stay with us for a few days!