Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just a few Randoms

These are just a few things happening over the past few weeks. My mom & dad bought Landon a new table & chairs set because he absolutely LOVES Toy Story. So we had to drag it into our bedroom so him and Daddy could play. He also requests his muffin and milk there on Saturday mornings and I have to keep the dogs downstairs so they don't get his food. As you can see Elsa can easily grab whatever she likes off the table. haha. While I was off me & Hagg ventured to West Virginia with the kids for an afternoon of shopping and lunch. We hadn't made it to the interstate and already we heard "Mooommmmmyy, Emma is touching my booooot" Yet another reason I'm convinced when we have another child I'm gonna be forced to trade in my jeep for a bigger vehicle. Mini Van Mama here I come!
Landon insisted on wearing my sunglasses when I took him to play at Aunt Lori's because "the sun is too bright"

This little baby had a slumber party at our house last week while my in-laws went to Roanoke to see Tim McGraw & Lady A. They wanted to spend the night over there so miss Tilly spend the night with us. She is a very spoiled little babe and had to sleep in our bed all night, but how can you really say no to that face? haha

Thursday, February 11, 2010

wow 2 months?

Poor Emma had an ear infection and wasn't feeling too good.

Jonathan has been waiting for the day he has someone to help him shovel outside. Although Landon wants to shovel ALL the time

So I've been a horrible blogger yet again.. Once you fall into the rut of not posting its like it takes forever for you to do it agian...I didn't even get our christmas pictures posted. So from christmas until now we've had just another busy start to the year. We've definately had a winter this year. I haven't seen this much snow that we've had in the past 10 years combined. We had one HUGE store before christmas, and now we've had quite a few since. The kids haven't been to school hardly at all, I'll feel sorry for them when they're still in school in June. haha. Our Relay For Life team had our 2nd annual Queens for A Cause pageant and we raised close to $3000. It seems like it is an event we can keep going, and all the women that come out to help us out really enjoy themselves. We have a great week leading up to the pageant! Also, we had a wedding, Ashley(Hagg) and Scott got married. They asked Landon to be their ring bearer, and we were so touched they asked. We hope Landon and Emma grow up to be great friends, but right now they just want to push each other around :) This week is our first Queen of Hearts pageant, which starts some from now until May. I really enjoy being a part of this, and of course raising money for the American Heart Association helps. I'm on a 5 day break from work, so maybe I can be a little better about posting. Today I actually got carpets steamcleaned, laundry done, and even fixed dinner for Jonathan..whoa..I'm not so sure I can do that all the time ;) Landon went to work w/ Jonathan this morning, which in turn meant he had no nap all day, so he's already asleep at 8pm.. He went to sleep somewhere in between "who lives in a pineapple under the sea...sponge bob square pants" haha. Until next time....