Saturday, June 27, 2009

Josh's Birthday

On Wednesday night, Josh & most of his family & friends were in for the wedding on Friday, so April's cousin Kelly & her husband Nolan offered their house to have a lil get together/birthday party for Josh's 30th birthday. They have a beautiful back yard, and Landon thought it was DisneyWorld! His favorite part was definately the "waaaaaater"
Landon finally let Rachel swim with him so I could get out and get something to eat! Kole letting Landon get in the car for a lil bit..
He was in desperate need for a haircut!

Gettin ready to swing, I think he would have moved in if I would let him..

April got Josh's 'cake' specially made from a place called Blue Collar Joe's. They specialize in all sorts of donuts, and they are THE best donuts you'll ever eat in your life! Josh like's to play pool so she had them come up with this cute idea..

Growin up

It's so hard to beleive that on the 25th, Landon turned 20 months old. Time has gone by fast, but I've definately enjoyed every minute of it. He's starting to be so independent, wanting to do everything himself. It's amazing in the past few weeks, since he finished his month long round of antibiotic for a middle ear effusion he's been talking up a storm. Dr. Boyd was right, when he said he just couldn't hear what we were saying to parrot us, but now that he's cleared up, he repeats everything, and says all kinds of new things every day. He's such a good boy and we're very lucky to have him! Jonathan took the top off his jeep and he always wants to go in "dada's jeep" anyway, so we took a lap around town, and he loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When he's able to Jonathan is playing softball on a fun & fellowship league. He had a game last night, so I took Landon, Jake & Lewis to the game to watch him play. Landon had fun crawling around on the bleachers, then they all found little friends to play with. He really does love his older cousins, and Jake is good to help with him.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Landon was Daddy's buddy last night. He was followin him all around and even went downstairs and opened up the back door screamin "DAAAAAD DAAAAAD" So Jonathan came up to play a little before bedtime, and even read one of his favorite books. Aren't they just too cute? I guess I'm partial ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

April's Shower

Lori & I hosted a cookout/bridal shower for April over the weekend. It's so hard to beleive in just 2 weeks she'll be gettin married and then movin away from us. Our whole family is going to miss her VERY much and We'll always still think of her as OUR sister in law! Landon was in serious need of a nap while me & Lori were setting up for the party. Him and Barkley laid in the floor and finally both went down for a nap! haha
Gotta Love Walmart cakes.. man they're good

Everyone hangin out...

Gettin a bite to eat
April & her Bridesmaids. Me,Amanda(april)Stephanie & Kelley
Opening presents..we had to move inside because the bugs were unbareable
My mom is always comin up w/ creative and funny stuff. She used money and put on the barbie and called it "Aprils wedding night attire" Haha I'm sure Josh wouldn't mind that ;)
Poor Landon was the only guy there until Mark got home and took him for some "guy time"
April still openin presents

Date Night

We were in desperate need of a "date night" so Jonathan made reservations at the Cat & Owl for Friday night. I had been lookin forward to it all week and couldn't wait to stuff myself! Grammy & PawPaw came up to our house to keep Landon so she could just put him to bed, and we wouldn't have to wake him up to bring him back home. It was a nice dinner, but of course we didnt' get a pic before Jonathan changed into his comfy clothes. He wouldn't smile and we both have the same lazy eye. Sweet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jumpy Fun

Aunt Lori decided to let Landon use Hunter's old jumpy since him & Abbie have a trampoline now. I finally decided to blow it up after the sun went down a little bit and at first Landon wasn't havin any part of getting in. So after I climbed in with him he decided he would love it. His new skill is jumping and he has to say "jump" "jump" I had to bribe him to get out of the thing by telling him I'd give him a bath!

Monday, June 8, 2009

"Whew..cloggin w/ the girls is hard work!"
Hitchin a ride w/ Grammy He thought Clint's scooter was a 4wheeler..anything w/ wheels and he's all about it..

Becky walking in the survivor lap

Betsy walking in the survivor lap

Relay For Life 2009

Afther months & months of fundraising, working and all kinds of planning the Relay For Life finally got here! Our team, Queens for A Cause was started last year, so this was only our 2nd relay. Our team ended up raising OVER $5000.00 w/ our various fundraisers and corperate sponsors. Such an awesome job! My personal goal was $200, and when I checked the Relay Website I was up to $490.53! They moved it to AET this year, which was absolutely wonderful. It was right in town so we were close to anything we needed to do. Landon & I got there at 1030 to help start decorating our tent. He was SO excited to be there and couldnt wait to get out and play. At 12 preacher Bill said a few words and the national anthem was sung while the flag raised. Then began the Survivor Lap to start the Relay. I always get choked up during that, to see all the people out there walking that have fought cancer and beat it, and when they walk by the team tents everyone claps. This year they had buttons that said how many years they've been cancer free, and Betsy had her 5 year button on. It's hard to beleive it's been 5 years, and I'm so glad that she beat her breast cancer and Landon still has his Grammy here. I walk in honor of her, and my aunt, and in memory of my Grandmother.
Here are the survivors ready to start their lap. Everyone working on our tent. The relay theme this year was "Cruisin for a Cure" Janet did an awesome job on the decorations

Landon's car we decorated..too bad the grass wasn't the best for 'cruisin"

After he made about 20 laps around the track(he was our teams star walker!) I finally got hime settled down for some lunch..

Miss Janet painting faces. We did this as an on site fundraiser and she did an awesome job painting just about anything kids wanted

I even got her to paint a weiner dog on my arm..since I couldn't bring Oscar to Relay ;)

Our team *Queens for a Cause* posing in front of our tent
The Rhinestone Rockers were part of the entertainment and Landon was rockin his "My mommy is a Rhinestone Rocker" tee. He wanted to come out and dance with us..
Betsy's Luminaria bag
The best picture I could get off some of the lit luminarias around the track. That is also a tear jerker ceremony where they read off the cancer survivors names, and then the in memory names.

This year was an awesome year for Relay. We raised alot of money, and had an awesome team. Hopefully next year we can double our fundraising and get that much closer to finding a cure.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Fun

Tuesday night I went up to Lori's house so we could finish up the details for Aprils shower we're giving her. Well the kids didn't want any part of that, they wanted to Play play play! Abbie got a barbie jeep for christmas, and she had it out riding, and landon thought he was big enough to ride on Hunters old 4wheeler. Well sure enough he was! I think they had every toy out of the garage playing and or riding on it. I even rode Hunter's electric scooter, but good thing we didn't get any pictures of that! Lori also got out Abbie's crazy water flower that she got for Easter, and Landon put on Hunter's old swimmin trunks so they could maybe cool off a little. Welllll..Landon was standin a little too close to the flower when she turned on the water hose and he took some sprays to the face, so after that the wacky water flower was a no go.. Landon & Hunter comparing belly's. Landon wins hands down.
Miss Abbie posing in her "bavin suit" for me