Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birthday party #2

We've started a little tradition with a few of our friends to go to each others house and fix dinner for everyone. This sunday was at Stan & Brooklyn's house and they were so sweet to get a cake for Landon since it was his birthday. Of course he was thrilled to have another candle to blow out and enjoyed eating all the icing off the cake :) Landon blowing out his candle
Opening his present. They got him a tractor trailor w/ a 4wheeler on the back. He was so excited about the cake & present he kept goin back and forth sayin "cool man!"

The sugar high started to wear off so he got up w/ Ben & Keith on the couch to watch some TV

Ben's arm looked pretty comfy, and he was gettin tired..
He was quite the life of the party and ended up not wanting to leave. He informed me he was "stayin here w/ brookwyn!" Maybe before too long "keef & ashwey or stan & brookwyn" will give him some playmates :)


Sunday at church the Squirmers choir did a little halloween number, and at least we got Landon go up front w/ the kids. I guess it helped that I had to sit on the step with him..haha

2nd Birthday Party

Saturday night we had family and a few friends over to celebrate Landon's 2nd birthday. He's into tools right now so I decided I would get him a tool bench. Big Hit! He loved using his hammer and 'screwdrwiver' to fix anything he could!
About the only show he'll watch on tv is "bob pants" so we decided to have a spongebob cake. It was also a hit and the only thing he wanted to look at while everyone else was eating pizza.

It was his birthday, so I let him sample his cake to make sure he liked it and all ;)

And this is what it looked like before we sang Happy Birthday and blew out his candle..haha

Two of his best friends, Emma & Dylan

Opening some of his presents

Mamaw got him a Thomas the train book and a train that runs by itself and goes on "adventures" All you have to do is tell him "Let's go Thomas!" and he takes off. Needless to say the dog's aren't a fan of it

This pretty much summed up the night after he wanted his chainsaw and leaf blower opened

Ashley, Scott & Emma got him this awesome chainsaw and he thought he could chainsaw the stairs, the couches and poor Oscar
Very happy after everyone sang to him. He announced "GIN PLEASE"

Blowin his candle out..and Lewis trying to help

Jonathan got him Lincoln logs for his birthday, but I think he got them for himself to play with ;)

The morning after his party, on his actual birthday. He was so excited to play with his toys all morning before church.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Dear 'baby' Landon,
It's so hard to believe that it's been two years since you were born! That 8 pound baby has turned into quite a young little man :) You amaze me at the things you have learned to comprehend and how much you continue to learn every day. Your vocabulary has become pretty much any and everything you hear a grown up say. (some things not so good, but we're working on that) You're starting to watch a few things on tv..mainly "fugall" with dad and some 'bob pants' when I'm in the shower. You love your Dobi and she loves you just as much. Oscar & the cats aren't too fond of you, but I think if push came to shove, oscar would take somebody out for you ;) I love the fact that you're calling me mama now and you call for me or "daaaayaad" when you wake up. Your learning to play by yourself and it's the sweetest thing to watch you sit and play with your cars or motorcycles. You love going for a ride in your dad's jeep and just being outdoors makes you happy. The way you love your aunts, uncles and cousins amazes me. Even your friends you ask about on a regular basis. Your love for both paw paw's and your grammy & mamaw amaze me as well. I love when you say "hold you" and put your arms up for us to take you, and I love that you want me to sing Jesus loves me and "tinkle tinkle star" when I put you to bed. These first two years have been wonderful and I can't wait to see what the next will bring. I love you very much!

Friday, October 16, 2009

yay for fall!

Jonathans sister Beth was in last weekend and wanted to take some pics of the kids, and of course we're not gonna pass up chances for pics :) It's so crazy to see how much they have all grown since their fall pics last year. Landon has almost caught up with Abbie and Hunter just looks more grown up every day! We just took some pictures up around Grammy&PawPaw's house and the Nettleton house up on the hill.
This is Landon's "Cheeeese" face..it's harder and harder to convince him to get his picture taken normally now..haha
This was right before Landon stuck his leg through the fence and was dangling like a monkey..haha
He sure does love Hunter...
This picture just melts my heart. I hope they'll stay close growing up like they are now

Monday, October 12, 2009

Passionately Pink for a Cure

Ok so I've been a total blog slacker lately. It just gets so harder to post on a blog with the wonderful world of Facebook. So I'll attempt to be better for the maybe 4 people that arent' my friends on facebook and don't see my million uploads a day ;) It's hard to beleive its been a year since I started the blog, but I remember one of my first posts was after the Passionately Pink for a Cure party, and its been a great year since. Landon will be 2 in a just 2 weeks and I can't beleive it. He's grown up so much, and talks nonstop. He's definately an Arritt ;) Here are a few pics I snapped during the party yesterday.
This year I made sure he had a pink shirt ready to wear for his Grammy!
Pink cupcakes! Yumm!
Landon & Abbie waiting for PawPaw to get there! You can't even comprehend how much they love their PawPaw David and I think the feeling is pretty mutual ;)

PawPaw thought he needed MORE cupcakes & icing. This kid was on a sugar high!

Horribe picture I know, but I wanted to get what my whole shirt said. If it wasn't for Betsy I probably wouldn't be involved w/ things like the American Cancer Society, and cancer awareness, but we're so glad that she beat her breast cancer and and Landon has his Grammy to love on for a long time!