Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eva's Birth Story

So this baby girl decided that when she was going to make her entrance into this world she was going to make it one nobody would forget!  This pregnancy was Totally different than my pregnancy with Landon. I was exhausted all the time, I felt ginormous at like 4 months, and she was CONSTANTLY on the move! Other than the gestational diabetes that I could control with my diet, I was still blessed with a pretty uneventful pregnancy.

As it got closer to my due date, I kept asking my Dr..(Dr Swisher at Physicians to Women who I absolutely Love) if he was going to induce me early since Landon was such a big baby and 2 weeks early. He kept telling me "we'll see, we'll see"..Well, 38 weeks came and went, and he told me that he wouldn't induce until 39 weeks "IF i made it that far".. So thursday, Sept 1st I went back for my 39 week check up. I had been 4 cm dilated for about 2 weeks, and he said my cervix was 'rip roarin ready to go' (that explains alot about her birth), and he decided to strip my membranes to speed things up. He then told me that if I didn't go into labor on my own, to come back to him in 24 hours, and he would send me on tot he hospital since he was on call. That made me feel a TON better knowing that he would be the one to deliver our girl.  On the ride home from Roanoke (an hour and 15 mins) I was feeling pretty uncomfortable, but no major contractions. After talking about it I convinced Jonathan that I would feel MUCH better if we spent the night in Roanoke just in case I was to go into labor over night.  So we got home, and got everything together, and Landon packed for the weekend with grandparents, and headed back to stay at the Hotel Roanoke. We got back to roanoke around dinner time so we decided to eat at Olive Garden which is Jonathans favorite. As we sat down at the table the waitress came and said "Hello, my name is Eva, I'll be taking care of you tonight. OH my you look like you are due very soon!" and I told her that we were hoping to be induced on friday. She asked if we had a name picked out, and I said "Actually, it's going to be Eva!" It was crazy that we had her as our waitress that night, and of course she made us promise we would bring our Eva in once she got here. From there we went on to the Hotel, and it was super nice. They put us on the first floor after Jonathan explained the situation we were in, and the valet even kept our van parked right in the front circle of the hotel in case we needed it in the middle of the night.  I hope we can go back there again sometime for sure.

The night was uneventful, except for all the pressure I had been feeling for the past couple of weeks. My Dr. appt wasn't until 130 that afternoon, so we checked out and went to Chik fi La for lunch, and went to Dicks to browse around for a while. (Jonathan in the golf section of course) After that we headed on to the dr. apt.  Once we got in to see Dr Swisher, he checked me again and said head on over to the hospital, I'll see you when I go on call this evenin! By then my emotions were going crazy because I knew we would get to meet our baby girl sometime today. We had to go in through the ER, but since Christy (his nurse) had already called over they had my room ready.  We were taken right on up to labor and delivery and got me settled and all hooked up.  The Dr. on call came in, and she was super nice, but said since Dr. Swisher was coming in that she wasn't going to do much along the lines of progressing things. I had a super nice nurse and things were going smoothly.  Ashleigh and Kathy were in roanoke so they stopped by to visit, and Carrie is a PA in the hospital so she came up while she was working to visit too. They stayed for a while and then when everyone left Dr Muskgrove came in and said she had texted Dr. Swisher and he said to go ahead and break my water. That was about 5:30pm. She broke my water and I immediately started feeling contractions, nothing too major, but my nurse gave me some IV narcotics to take the edge off. I told her I didn't feel like I really needed my epidural yet.  Jonathan went down to get some coffee and I was just watching tv, and could tell my contractions were def getting alot stronger. By 10 till 5 I told him to go find my nurse I needed my epidural. Now keep in mind I'm the one that joked to all my friends that I was ready for my epidural as soon as the pregnancy test showed postive. Jonathan went out in the hall to find my nurse but apparently there was a csection going on in the OR and my nurse had scrubbed in for that since last she checked me I was at 5cm and fine.  By the time he came back in I def knew that I couldn't wait and I hit the nurse call button, one came in and I told her I was feelin pretty rough and even felt like I needed to push. She said "let me just check you and we'll get your epidural on its way". When she proceeded to check me her eyes got about as big around as 50 cent peices and she said "honey, your gonna have this baby in about 3 more contractions!" All I remember is being like WHAAAAT, and Jonathan saying "its ok you can do it"...whoa..what..a baby with No epidural?!?! ahhhh.... That nurse yelled out the door and about 3 other nurses came running as well as Dr Muskgrove, they were trying to gown up and get ready and they didn't even have time to get the bed broken down and the stirrups up, because by the time the Dr sat down one nurse said "Look down honey her head is already out!" I was stil in shock this whole time, and I have no clue how I did what I did, but at 6:07 pm, 37 minutes after my water was broken, Eva made her debut into the world.  Me=still in shock. I had some tearing and another lady came in to do the sewing becuase the Dr had to run to another delivery. Poor thing had quite the eventful evening. They took Eva to weigh her and do her apgars, which were 9 both times(thats my girl), and she weighed 7lbs 6oz. She was tiny compared to Landon! I remember the nurses kept telling me how awesome of a job I had done, but I stll couldn't beleive it. I think it hurt worse when they were pushing on my stomach after I delivered the placenta than it did actually giving birth. Who knew.  She also started saying she had never seen a knot like that before, and when I asked what she was talking about, there was a "true knot" in her umbilical cord. When they showed me, it looked like a boy scout knot that she had tied to get a badge. The nurse siad she must have done it early on when she could still flip around and it amazes me that with that she still was able to get everything she needed!

About that time Dr Swisher came in and was like "WHAT happened?!?! You were supposed to wait on me!" They told him that even if they paged him he wouldn't have made it up the elevator in time for her to get here. Crazy. My poor nurse came running in still in here stuff from the OR and couldn't beleive that she missed her being born! I told her I had no clue it was gonna happen like ;)

When they did shift change my nurse coming on was Kerrie who is from Covington and I'm friends with. She was hoping she would get to be my delivery nurse, instead she was going to be discharging me down to the mother baby floor! I texted Carrie to tell her to come see Eva before she got off work and she couldn't beleive that she was already here. Don't worry, none of us could!  By 8pm we were down on the 12th floor and settled in a room. I could not and still can't beleive how Good I felt after all of that ordeal. I could get up on my own, and walk around, and even Jonathan kept saying how much better I looked than I did when Landon was born. I guess you don't realize how much of a toll the drugs do take on your body, but now that it's over I'm proud to say I had a baby minus the epidural. Now would I do it again? Haha I'll get back to you on that.....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So obviously it's been quite a while since I've updated my blog, and alot of things have happened! We had a good summer, and basically just spent it preparing for the arrival of the new addition! On Sept. 2nd, we welcomed our baby girl, Eva Brooks to the world. I will have to dedicate a whole blog post to how she got here because it was a doozy! She is of course beautiful and we are very blessed to have two healthy babies.  Landon started Nursery school the following week and so far is loving it. I will try to be better and update more often because I find myself wishing I could remember things that I didn't write down. For now, here is a picture of Miss Eva Brooks