Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

Right after Santa left :) This year we did things a little different on Christmas Eve. Since Jonathan & I have been dating, we've always went to his grandparents house in Craigsville around 5 or 6 to have some food, and do Christmas there. Unfortunately, Granny Jane passed away at the beginning of December, so we did things a little different. We went at lunch time and Granddaddy Keith had got things to snack on and got all the grandkids gift cards. We think he really enjoyed being able to do all those things, and altho we missed Granny this year, it was still good to spend time w/ Grandaddy Keith.
This was my attempt at getting a pic of the 3 of them. Not such a good attempt.

Landon had some hot chocolate after playing in the snow last week too. I think he's hooked ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


So the weathermen kept saying we were gonna have this huge snow come through Virginia, and as usual, we were skeptical. Sometimes they predict this winter weather, and we dont see a single snowflake, but this time they were right! It started snowing about 2pm of friday, and by the time I got off work and made it to Covington the roads were already covered. This first picture I took Friday night of my snowman out front and he could still see above the snow!

Poor Oscar couldn't even go out in the yard to go to the bathroom

This was my view outside my kitchen sink window

By morning, my snowman couldn't see over the snow!
Our backyard
Our house in the snow. It woulda looked alot more christmasy had I ever got Jonathan to hang my wreath's out..haha
This is the 'road' going up to David & Betsy's..Good thing we have a jeep!

Snow 2009

Good thing Jonathan has a jeep and we could get out of our house! We headed up to Grammy & PawPaw's and got ready to go outside for Landon's first snow experience

Friday, December 18, 2009

4 years

I can't believe that its been four years since we lost Philip. Every year you think it'll get easier, but it never really does. This time of year makes me really miss him because I know it was one of his favorites. We used to ride around looking at Christmas lights and always went on our yearly shopping trip(or trips) to roanoke and c-ville. Same thing every year, I would wear my VT stuff to charlottesville and he'd get mad and wouldn't walk with me down the sidewalk. I miss those days :) I just wanted to write about somethin Landon did last week, because as much as I miss Philip, this made me smile through my tears. I have a picture of me and Philip in the living room, with the angel that Kenny gave me for Christmas one year, and I always tell Landon thats his Uncle Philip and he's with Jesus. Well he was going through my picture album one day and found a picture of Stan & Philip from a party, well he knew Stan right off, but came over to ask me "who that?" and pointed to Philip. I told him it was his Uncle Philip that was w/ Jesus, and he started scratching the picture and saying "I want him out" He does that when he wants something out of a picture, and he thinks you can get it that way. I told him there were a whole lot of people that wanted him out of that picture, but until we are all in heaven with Jesus we'll just have to stick with looking at his smiling face in pictures. I miss you Philip Wayne!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singin some songs

A Squirmers Christmas Special

The Squirmers choir at church recently held their program called "A Pillowcase Christmas" and I must say it was absolutely adorable! Miss Laura worked with these kids for the past few months practicing their songs, and moves, and Landon loved it! He was a shepard for the play and even had his own sheep. They sang a few songs, rang the bells and of course squirmed around! The cutest shepard I've ever seen...

Abbie played the part of Mary this year, complete w/ her own solo! She did great!

Landon decided to sit down for the first few songs.. I was just glad he stayed on stage!

There was a special surprise visitor in the fellowship hall after the program! He didn't want much of sittin on Santa's Daddy had to carry him over. He also told "canta slaus" that he wanted a Big green tractor

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Last year I got a super deal on this christmas tree the week after Christmas at walmart! It was marked to 75% off and I got an expensive tree for next to nothing! And I'm SO glad I did! I don't have enough ornaments to cover it, but I think it looks just fine. I even got Jonathan to help me decorate, and of course Landon thought he was gonna help put the star on the tree.

I was getting ready one morning, and things got unusually quiet in Landon's room, which definately means he's up to something. Since Oscar was a puppy he has Always loved to lay in the sunshine wherever it was shining in and this has become a favorite spot in the mornings. Landon was brave enough to try to snuggle up next to Oscar and he actually let him lay there peacefully.

Thanksgiving 09

So we're a little late posting from Thanksgiving, but hey at least we got some done. We had the regular day of daddy hunting, going to Grammy & PawPaw's for lunch and then to my mom & dad's for dinner. We were hoping that Granny Jane & Grandaddy Keith (Betsy's parents) were gonna be able to come up this year, but unfortunately Granny wasn't feeling up to making the trip. Unfortunately about a week & 1/2 later Granny passed away in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. She had a fall the night before, and then Grandaddy Keith told Betsy that when he went in to check on her he "couldn't rouse her up". She had been going through a rough time of chemo treatments and getting blood and platelets sometimes 2 times a week, and I think her body was just exhausted. She's in a much better place now, and Betsy says she's probably up there with Jean(David's mom) and they're introducing her to my grandma too :) It's always good to think of them up there with each other. Her and Grandaddy Keith had been married for over 60 years, and I can't imagine losing the one person you've been with that long, but he knows she's much better off.

Landon tries everything at night to get out of going to bed. When I went to find him, he was downstairs watching "fugall" w/ dad and informed me that he couldn't sleep yet. He's gonna give us a run for our money!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paw Paw David's Deer!

On any given saturday in Virginia you better beleive that if there are no funerals all the guys are headed into the woods. And today was one of those days. The guys headed into the woods and a lil after lunch time Jonathan called to say his dad finally got one. Apparently the deer have been scarce this year (at least thats their excuse) but pawpaw David got the big one! He brought home this 8 pointer this afternoon and Landon couldn't Wait to see pawpaw's deer! He talked about it all the way up there askin if "paw paw shooted the deers with his gun" And notice he has on his camo & boots because when I told him this morning that his daddy was in the woods he Insisited on his "huntin deers clothes & boots" i'm in for it!

Brothers visit

This weekend my brothers (dad's sons) were in town for their Nanny's 90th birthday party and we were able to spend some time together. Bobby lives in Arkanses and this is only the 2nd time i've seen him in about 10 years! Billy is living in Wise, VA and this was the first time I'd seen him for about 6 years, and was also the first time he got to meet Landon. We also didn't tell my dad they were coming, so it was a surprise for him that I think he especially enjoyed! After Landon warmed up to Bobby he had a blast with him. He woke up this morning and asked if Bobby was comin to his house! I'm glad Landon (and me) got to spend time with his Uncles. I think he's shocked about how many Uncles he actually has! haha
He even suckered Bobby into reading him a book while he was trying to watch the Arkansas Razorback game. Bobby taught him to say "wooo pig soui" or whatever it is and I had to tell Landon those are bad words right along w/ "roll tide and go hoos!" :)