Sunday, August 23, 2009

WV Fair..Round 2

Saturday night was the last night of the fair and a few of the girls wanted to head over there for some food and fun :) Grammy&PawPaw kept Landon, and Me, Lori, April, Amanda, Janet & Karen headed west. We couldn't wait to get there to eat, and it was much easier to eat and enjoy the crowd w/out grumpy kids. We couldn't wait to get food, and I had been dying for those "loaded chips" They were home made potato chips w/ chedder cheese, bacon bits and ranch dressing.. they were a big hit :) Janet & Karen were more excited about their corn dogs ;) haha
Lori, Me, April, Karen, Amanda & Janet

We were getting quite a few stares doing the face in the hole's, but what can we say, we like to have fun :)
Ahh...the sights of the fair..
Until next year. . . .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nap Time

This is what I came upstairs to sunday afternoon. There's no hope for me.. haha

Sunday, August 16, 2009

West Virginia State Fair

Well every year around the 3rd week of August everyone gets pretty excited for the fair to come to town. Since Virginia's state fair is like 3 hours away, it's awesome that we only have to drive about 30 minutes to Lewisburg for the WV fair. I've got such fond memories of going to the fair as many times as possible for the week, and even going to some really good concerts. This year Lori & I decided to be one of *those* people that pack up their kids, strollers and money and head west. Mark & Hunter were out of town, and Jonathan had to work a visitation, so we took Abbie & Landon. It was Landon's first trip, and I'm pretty sure after he got over his grouch mode it was a success.

Abbie was SO excited all day about going, and then on the way over she fell over asleep. She talked about the "hobby horses" all day and was SO excited to finally ride

Landon on his first fair ride. Unfortunately I couldn't use tickets to ride my personal favorite, the zipper. It's a sad day when you give up your fun to ride a flying elephant ;)

Landon was absolutely thrilled though. He's def my son if he likes the rides as much as I do!

My turn to take the kids on a ride. We had to ration tickets since we had to use them to ride w/ the little dumb..

Landon wanted a ball, so he played the "pick up a duck" game. So basically, I paid $2 for a plastic ball..haha

Abbie begged to ride this car ride, and she had to ride it all by herself. Well her facial expressions and yelling made me and Lori laugh the WHOLE time she was on it. When she got off she informed us that she was "never ridin that dumb ride again!"

I give up on trying to take a "face in the whole" picture

Lori's turn to ride, so they hit up the tea-cups

After all the tickets were gone, we grabbed some Lemonade, a strawberry shortcake and headed back to the jeep. Because after all, you can't go to the fair w/out pigging out on the great food!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rock the Block

Me and Lori took the kids and headed down to Rock the Block friday night. The Key West Band was playing, and they're a usual local favorite. Landon is still feeling a little under the weather so he wasn't his usual, breaking it down self. He just kind of hung out all night, mostly sittin on my lap which is Very unlike him! Abbie, him & Brianna watchin the band..

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I surely hope if we ever have a little girl there is at least a small chance that she will look something like me, because obviously our little boy looks Exactly like his daddy. Dressing him in polo shirts and khaki shorts does not help my case in any way, shape or form. Also Landon is rockin some new Nike Shox that his Grammy bought him yesterday. It was probably a mistake to take him in the shoe store, because this kid LOVES shoes!

StreetScene 09

Our town has a thing called StreetScene that has been going on for as long as I can remember. This was actually the 31st annual one, so obviously I've been going to them for a while :) In high school the cheerleaders walked around selling pictures of the cars to raise money, and we always had fun doing that! It's also neat to walk around and see all the cars/trucks/motercycles that everyone shines up and puts in to show. David had one of his cars in this year, but I didnt' get any pictures of that because by the time we danced in the 90+degree heat my brain was fried. The Rhinestone Rockers were the entertainment in the morning, and although we were all exhausted we still clogged our hearts out! I'm SO glad I'm part of this great group of girls and look forward to many more years of fun & dancing! Lori & Abbie. Melissa ordered all our little kids shirts that say "My mommy is a Rhinestone Rocker" and we love any chance we get to dress them up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

His Dobe

Although Landon enjoyed his vacation, the whole week he cried for"my dobe." Elsa has turned into Landon's somewhat babysitter/playmate. She will take any kind of abuse he deals out. Now don't get me wrong, I don't let my child abuse my dogs, but since Oscar refuses to be his friend, Elsa has become that by default. She's been SUCH a great dog w/ him ever since he was born, and we've noticed that even when they aren't "playing" together, she is constantly checking on him on her rounds of the house. When we got home from vacation the next morning the house was quiet..a little TOO quiet matter of fact, so I went upstairs to check on them and they were snuggled up on my bed together. This picture is from a few weeks ago, but I mean really, can that be any sweeter?

Little Friends

It was great to get our little ones together for the first time. Landon is 21 months old and Maddie just turned 6 months. We hope that as they grow up they'll become great friends like their parents are (and maybe one day even get married--and live in Virginia ;) haha

Thanks for having us down for a whole week! We enjoyed Every minute of it and can't wait till you guys come to Virginia!

Birthday Buddy Playdate

For the past month when we look at "Cwaire's" blog I've been telling Landon as soon as we get to Atlanta we're gonna have a playdate. They were so cute together at Kristin's shower right after they turned a year old, we knew it would be fun this time since they're running, talking and acting oh so grown up. So on a rainy day we got lunch and went to a Jump-Its place for an afternoon of jumping, playing and sweating! It's rare that he gets to play w/ his Birthday buddy since she lives 3 states away, but we always enjoy meeting up with them when we go visit!
"You mean I get to play on this stuff ALL DAY?!?!" Both of them took off up the ladder on the big slide and didn't look back!

Emma helping Claire up the steps
"Um, how do I get out of this thing?!"

Even Maddie got to join in on the fun!

No, he didn't fall in a bucket of water, he was just sweating that much
Checking each other out.....
....then in for the kiss..How sweet :)
The whole crew together. I hope we get to do this everytime we go down!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday Celebration

It turned out we were going to be in town for a Pendley birthday celebration. Wednesday was Summer's birthday and we got go over to Terry & Darlene's for a get together. Jason also took some pictures of Landon for us, and as soon as I figure out how to get them on my blog I'll get them up..haha. Chad's parents are always so welcoming when we're down there, and we just feel like we're with our second family while we're there. Noah was so sweet to let Landon ride the gator, but he finally took over and showed Landon what it was all about.

Kristin & Me
Landon was definately Chad's buddy all week. He loves his uncle Chad!

Summer's friend Lindsay was at the party with her daughter Charlotte, and let me just tell you she is the cutest thing. Her & Sailor have the cutest curls, and I think Landon was checking them both out :)

Landon & Sailer playing some blocks

Noah decided he would tackle Jonathan and knock him to the floor. Good thing he's used to Landon beating him up..haha

Atlanta Zoo

We had planned to go to the Georgia Aquarium on our trip, but we heard mixed reviews on it, whether or not it was stroller friendly, how much fun the kids would have, etc. Well we ended up deciding on the Zoo which I am SOO glad we did. I think I enjoyed it just as much as Landon. The whole morning he was talking about a Lion and an elephant, and the first animal we saw was his elephant! And of course as soon as we got to the exhibit the elephant decided to poop. Lovely. And Landon is STILL talkin about it today..haha
They're like twins...and they were both sweatin bullets..
Landon thought it would be cool to ride this giraffe since the other one ran out in the trees

This is what happens when you let Daddy's who are tired of takin pictures--take the picture...

The petting zoo was the coolest part for Landon. He got to pet the goats, sheep and pigs-and so did mommy :)

The train ride was fun for Landon even though it just went around the little petting zoo..
I hope to go back when he's a little older because I'm sure he'll enjoy it even more!