Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well Jonathan came home before the game and did not like Landon's outfit. So we compromised. haha. Here's a 1/2 Hokie, 1/2 Husker. He napped through the most part of the game, but actually sat w/ us and watched the end. Unfortunately Daddy did not have a happy ending, and Mommy had a 16-15 score ending:) Go Hokies.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hokies vs. Huskers

It's a rare time when both Mommy & Daddy's teams are playing each other, but today is the day its happenin! The Nebraska Cornhuskers have traveled to Blacksburg to take on the Hokies. Unfortunately mommy and daddy couldn't find tickets to go, which I hate because Jonathan is such a big Husker fan it stinks that they are thisclose and we can't go watch them play. We had a Great time when we flew out to Nebraska last year for the game, but I guess this year we'll be in front of the tv watchin. Now I let Landon wear his husker shirt to bed, but on gameday he's wearin his Hokie gear ;) Jonathan is in the woods this mornin, so I say--whoever dresses him gets to pick what he's wearin :) mommy wins... GO HOKIES!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This weekend a Very special boy turned a year old. Evan celebrated his first birthday on 9/11/09. It's been a long year for his Mommy & family, but other than a few colds and some skin issues on his bottom he's a healthy boy! We're so glad he's still here with us and pray that he'll continue to grow big and strong and enjoy life.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Future Hokie

I had to get Landon geared up and ready to cheer for the Hokies today! I knew those maroon&orange polo's would come in handy around football season :) Unfortunately when he ran into our room tellin Jonathan "Go Hokies Go hokies!", he insisted that he put on a Nebraska hat and yell "Go Huskers".. poor kid is gonna be all confused.. And his pawpaw was tryin to teach him to say Roll Tide..those are bad words and he should Not be saying them ;)


The air is gettin cooler, my VT flag is out, College Gameday is on ESPN...that could only mean its time for College Football!! YAY!!! Oh how I wish I was in Atlanta this weekend to watch the Hokies, instead I'll be supportin them from home. Just three words.. LETS GO...HOKIES!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Stan & Brooklyn's Wedding

Last weekend one of mine and Jonathans best friends got married. Stan met Brooklyn on a blind date, and from the first time he brought her around we thought she would be the girl he would marry. Stan & I were very close in high school, and while he was overseas in Iraq we still talked on a regular basis. He was in our wedding as well, and Jonathan was a groomsman for him. He's a great guy, and we're so happy for him that he found his soul mate. They got married by the river in a beautiful spot in Wva(where Brooklyn is from) and the weather was great, until about 30 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start. The rain clouds rolled in and everyone crossed their fingers that it would blow on by, but unfortunately God had other plans. The rain came down so hard everyone had to run under the big tents and the preacher finished the ceremony. After that the skies cleared up and everyone had a great time. Stan & his boys..Jonathan, Dizzy, Stan, Ben & Keith
Jonathan walking in...this was about the time the rain started.

The red-head is Stan's nephew Mason. He LOVES Brooklyn so we all thought he might oppose the wedding if the preacher asked if there were any objections ;)

Here comes the bride...and the downpour :(

Cool Hats

Landon loves all his Uncles very much, and I swear the more redneck they are, the more he likes them! haha. This is my brother Sonny, otherwise know as "unca sonny" He insisted on having a hat like his, and the one he is wearing was actually my grandfathers hat. Now either my grandaddy had a super small head, or Landon's got a super big head.. I'd prefer to think Granddaddy had a small head ;)

Hunters Birthday

It's hard to believe that Hunter turned 8 years old on the 30th of August! Mark & Lori had all the fam up for some cake & ice cream, and we even made smores in the back yard w/ Mark's fire pit. Landon was extremely excited to give "hunner" his present, because while we were shoppin he had to get himself the same thing. They got him golf clubs so we got him some balls, practice balls and tee's. Landon wanted the practice balls too, so we bought two packs..haha..