Monday, October 13, 2008

MelissaStull Pics

Melissa did my pictures for my one year birthday invitations! Mommy and her think they look more like preschool pics than a 1 year old! She also took some pics of my Halloween costume, don't I make a cute pirate?!


Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

I love Landon's halloween costume!! He is such a cutie. Your room is almost ready, but if y'all give me a reason I can finish it with a quickness. :) Give that sweet boy lots of kisses for me.

The Jordan Girls said...

These pictures are so cute. Landon looks so grown up! I cannot believe that him and Claire have the same birthday. She looks so much smaller and she definetly doesn't have as much hair as he does! I love Claire's peach fuzz hair, but I am jealous:)
Please, please let us know when you come in town next. Chad and Kristin live about 2 miles from us now!
Are you guys planning a big First Birthday Bash?