Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

So I'm taking a place on Landon's blog just to say a few words about the election. This is my first time ever voting, and I'm proud to wear my I Voted sticker. Everyone knows I have never been a person concerned with politics, and I'm married to the most politicaly passionaite person ever. Jonathan would always try to get me to follow along, but I've just never been interested until this year. Maybe because I have a child that will grow up in this country and live with the decisions we make this year as voters. I'm a very conservative person, and always have been, and both of the candidates are less than the extreme conservative side, but at least McCain has some sort of experience. It just scares me, Obama comes in like this hurricane and all these people just flock to him like he is the next jesus christ. He's not. He talks so much about "change" but what will the change be? Allowing illegal immigrants to take our jobs, getting healthcare for FREE, allowing abortions to take place w/out even blinking an eye, and so many other things I'm just scared of. So like my sign, I am definately from a Small town, I do cling to my religion, and I do own a gun. Everyone who is registered get out there and make a difference. Vote. ITS YOUR RIGHT.

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