Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hokies vs. Huskers

It's a rare time when both Mommy & Daddy's teams are playing each other, but today is the day its happenin! The Nebraska Cornhuskers have traveled to Blacksburg to take on the Hokies. Unfortunately mommy and daddy couldn't find tickets to go, which I hate because Jonathan is such a big Husker fan it stinks that they are thisclose and we can't go watch them play. We had a Great time when we flew out to Nebraska last year for the game, but I guess this year we'll be in front of the tv watchin. Now I let Landon wear his husker shirt to bed, but on gameday he's wearin his Hokie gear ;) Jonathan is in the woods this mornin, so I say--whoever dresses him gets to pick what he's wearin :) mommy wins... GO HOKIES!!!

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Lauren said...

I thought about you yesterday when the game was on. I know you are happy! haha