Sunday, July 12, 2009

April & Josh's wedding

So I've been a major blog slacker the past few weeks. April & Josh got married June 26th, and it was an absolute beautiful wedding! I took a few days off to help get ready, we decorated, got pedicures(which it was my first and I loved!) and just spent time with April. As much as I like Josh I don't like the fact that he is taking April from us ;) They will be moving to Atlanta and I am going to miss April VERY much. She's more like a sister than a sister-in-law. But anyway..Congrats to Josh & April!

Here's a pic of the reception hall. Isn't it amazing?! Me, April & Amanda

April & her maids.. Stephanie, Kelly, the bride, Amanda & Me
We clean up pretty nice

April & Josh leavin in her dad's corvette
The Rhinestone edition! We learned a dance earlier that month, so we all brought our cloggin shoes, and rocked it out at the wedding! Fun times :)
Our attempt at a family picture..haha
The pageant crew all dressed up :)

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