Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Birthday

Feb 22, of 2010 marked the first of many years to come that I will be turning 29 :) I've always had issues w/ getting older, so its hard to wrap my mind around being 30 next year. Whew. But anyway, I had a great birthday with our family and a few friends at Applebees. (Cat & Owl was closed ;) Jonathan totally surprised me with his gift--a brand new Coach bag!! I've always been more of a Dooney Girl, but I was instantly in love with this purse. He did an awesome job picking it out all by himself I might add! So after dinner we just came home and relaxed.

Landon is obsessed with Jason Aldean's two songs Hicktown and Big Green Tractor. He walks around singing them all day, and loves to watch the video's on Youtube. After watchint Hicktown this is what I came into the living room to. He thinks he can "fwip the 4wheeler" like they do on the video! I'm so in for it in the next few years.

Posing with my new purse..haha..of course I had to carry it to dinner ;)

Our fam + red eyes..i really need to edit pictures better

Scott & Hagg came to dinner minus Emma and I promise in real life Scott doesn't look like an ax

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