Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Last week our church held Vacation Bible School from 6-8:30 every evening. It was rough getting off work, picking up Landon, then having him fed and at the church by 6, but we managed it do it! The theme was Saddle Ridge Ranch and all the kids really enjoyed it! "Saddle ridge raaaaaaaanch!" was in my head all week long, and Landon caught on to the songs super fast. He sang them all and did the motions and just had a good time with it. I put him in the preschool class because I thought he would do better with Abbie, and we invited his friend Jackson who is 3, so we figured he'd do good in with them. Every night they did the pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible, and apparently he was paying more attention than I thought, because the other night he told me and jonathan to pay attention it was time for the Bible pledge! It's so funny how they soak up So much information and I'm glad he enjoyed Bible school so much! He keeps asking when we are going to go back!

This was Landon's class on the last night. They had just come in from singin.. Landon loves Paige, and somehow managed to get her to do all his crafts he didn't wanna do for him..haha..
Tiffany took all the kids pics in this and had them printed for us on the last day
Each child gets points all week and then is allowed to go to the "store" and buy stuff. With the little ones we just had them shop for them and deliver the bags to our classroom! Worked out VERY will for the little ones. Here's Landon in his new cowboy hat and bandana. We had an awesome time at Saddle Ridge Ranch!

Working on their lesson for the night..
This was during song time, and them sitting on the pew lasted about .5 seconds! They were up and dancing around for the whole 15 minutes!

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