Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny things

I felt like I needed to document this past weekend because it was quite the interesting one. I feel like when these things happen I'll remember forever, but I thought I better blog about it since I cant' remember what I had for dinner the night before most of the time! Saturday was a lazy day around our house, Jonathan had to work so me and Landon just hung out and played. Well, played he did. I was downstairs cleaning up the mountain of toys in the living room, when he comes down from his room and says "Look mom" and has some sort of white lotion/cream on his face and all over his hands. My first thought was he had got into his miracle cream again and Oscar was covered in it. So I ask him what he had done and he says "come on, I'll show you!" As we walked up the steps I ask him if he's going to get in trouble for whatever he did and he started to run up in front of me. Guilty as charged. I walk into his room to find a creamy, lotiony, absolute MESS on his little puzzle stool that has his name as the puzzle And the carpet! He thought it was a good idea to push the stool over to his dresser, get in the top drawer, and proceed to get out every Desitin, Aquaphor, Sunscreen, Nose Saline, clear Desitin, and various other things and squeeze all of the tubes onto his stool! I'm talkin like 3 inch thick MESS! Down in the holes of the puzzle, and then smeared on the carpet where it was on his hands and he tried to get it off. I am a firm beleiver in discipling my child. He did get a spanking and I made him sit on his bed while I attempted to clean the mess up, all while he is sobbing, "mommy, I want you, Mommy I need my blank, Mommy I'm sorry, Mommy Mommy Mommy" I proceeded to ask if he understood how bad this was, and that he shouldn't do things like that, and back to "mommy I understand, Mommy I'll never do it again" all while still sobbing. I just stood firm and let him cry. (I know some of you are thinking "holy crap she's a mean mom" but if you let them get by with things, they will push you over and over) In the meantime I call his daddy so he can tell him what he did, and he refuses to tell him. So while I'm still cleaning, under sobs, I hear "mommmm (sob sob sob) your my herooooo (sob sob sob)" At that point I had to walk out of the room and laugh. Where do 2 year olds learn this stuff?!

Moving on to Sunday morning! We have had a bit of an ant issue in our kitchen, and Jonathan has decided that clorox spray cleaner takes them out. Well sometimes Daddy's forget to put things where little boys can't get to them--so begins my next adventure. Jonathan is in the basement doing his reloading, and I am upstairs picking up(see a trend here?) and I hear this strange noise. I go downstairs to find Landon sitting in the chair right in front of our kitchen tv(its a little flat screen) spraying the clorox spray DIRECTLY onto it! "Look mom, I'm killin the bugs!" UGHHHH!! So, he gets a whippin, and I send him upstairs to his room. I yell for Jonathan and he is cool as a cucumber. (strange I know) and he goes upstairs to talk to him while I clean up the mess. Our counters are super clean now, as well as the tv screen. He tells him that he can't do things like that, and he should've asked one of us before trying to spray something and he says "i understand" Then he does the "death march" (we call it that because when our wiener dog gets in trouble he hangs his head and walks real slow away from us) to me and says "mom I'm sorry, I'll never do it again" and Jonathan sends him back to his room for a "time out" about 5 minutes later I hear him playing his guitar and singing 'rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey.....' ahhh..the joys of a little boy :)


SJJ said...

ha ha ha ha. I had so much fun reading that. I laughed and laughed. He is sooooo stinkin cute!

Lian said...

The stuff our kids do; Can be infuriating but there's always that little bit of cuteness too.