Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boo on the 24 hour bug.

This fella has been my new Bff for the past 48 hours. About 2am Sunday morning I woke up with a little queezy feeling in my stomach so I ran to the bathroom..needless to say, I spent the next 4 and 1/2 hours in there. Ugh. Sleeping in the bathroom floor with towels as pillows and a sheet covering me up was not the most pleasent, but I didn't even have the energy to get up and go back to our bedroom. Sunday my WHOLE body ached and I couldn't even get out of bed. I just wanted to drink but I knew I could just sip on ice cold ginger ale and try to rest. Landon was SOO good for me and Jonathan went out and got me the ginger ale and gatorade I asked for. He kept Landon entertained and for the most part he played in his room by himself all day watching dvd's and playing his Mobigo. I was SO thankful for that because there was no way I could chase around an active 3 year old! I finally was able to nap for a couple hours then went right back to sleep around 10 and slept all night. I woke up feeling 100% better Monday morning. My stomach is still on edge and I'm not eating, but at least I can move and have a little bit of energy! We have seen so much of this bug at our office and I feel SO sorry for the kids that get it. I hope it stays outta my house for a longgg time!

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