Monday, April 27, 2009

18 months old and I feel even older

So it was another one of those absolutely beautiful God made weekends again. The sunshine was bright and it was in the 90's both saturday and sunday! Saturday we went to Dillon's opening day baseball game, which by the way makes me feel SO old to see him and Derrick all grown up. It's so weird that Derrick was only a few months younger than Landon when mom started keeping him, and she had Dillon from the time he was 6 weeks old until he went to school. Ahh, it's so strange to see them so grown up. Well Landon wasn't the least bit concerned with staying out of the sun so he was red from head to toe. He also had a big weekend, turning 18 months old and all. SO hard to beleive. We'll be having a 2 year birthday before I know it (or before I'm ready for it!) So we played outside all afternoon, went to Walmart, then stopped by to play with Evan, Hannah & Chyanne for a while. We decided to take the kids to pizza hut, and all I can say is its a good thing we were the only people in there!

Derrick was so good to play basketball with Landon the whole time. He thought he was hot stuff playing with the big boys!
He even thought he could dribble the ball, he was definately entertaining!
There's my Dillon, all grown up playing 3rd base.

Now I tried ALL weekend to get a picture with Landon smiling, and out of the million pics I took, it never happened. This one just shows how blue his eyes are, so I had to post it :)

Jonathan went fishing after work on Sunday, but he came up to his mom & dad's when he was done. Landon gets excited to see him, and I'll admit, sometimes I do too ;)

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