Monday, April 6, 2009

We LOVE sunshine!

Well Sunday was the most awesome day we've had in a long time! We went to eat lunch at Mamaw's then got the dogs and went to Grammy & PawPaw's house to play outside all afternoon. Well I played outside for like 5 hours just running and playing and getting into everything I could! Here I am playin on Grammy's little bridge over her fish pond. All I need is my own pole and I could catch all of them!! "Arritt Funeral Home, Landon Arritt speaking".... well thats what I heard in my head, but mommy said it didn't quite sound like that...
Lewis riding on his bike we got him for his birthday, it sure did look like alot of fun!

"hey Mom, I'm gonna try it out ok?!"
This is pretty easy, I could get the hang of it!
Elsa loves going to Grammy & PawPaw's too because her and Oscar can just run free all day...

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