Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

I couldn't find an Easter basket that I wanted for Landon, so I decided I would get him a sand bucket, something he could actually use if we go to the beach this year. And I decided against putting candy in it, just a few lil toys. Elsa was also interested in what he got. Now I had to get a picture with his shoes showing. What 17 month old insists on putting on his new shoes before coming down for breakfast? Mine. He LOVES to get new shoes, and I finally found him some boat shoes on Saturday. I think he was excited as I was

"Holy cow Mom this car makes alot of noise!"
This is the ONLY picture I got with his Easter outfit on, and of course its not all that great. By the time we left church the coat was off and from playing in the nursery he was a little dishevled. Notice we got yet another haircut on Saturday, I'm thinkin this is like #6? haha

And at Mamaw's house he thought his easter basket was a helmet...
After a quick nap we made it up to Grammy & PawPaw's. PawPaw was at work so Landon was a little disappointed by that, but he still played basketball with the boys for a lil bit..

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