Monday, May 25, 2009

My stay at home week

I've been slacking on posting for the past few weeks. This past week Dr. Boyd was gone for a conference so the office was closed for a week, and I got a taste of what its like to be a stay at home mom. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but now that Landon is older and wants to constantly play and do things, it's going to make it a lot harder to go back tomorrow. We spent every day together, doing all kinds of things-playing outside (ALOT), went out to lunch w/ Lori & Abbie, hung out at the funeral home some, and even went to vist Katrina at her work and ate lunch w/ all the school kids. I think that was one of his favorite things! We went to her school around lunch time for the Jr. Kindergarten, and after he talked to everyone in the office we headed down to the cafeteria. He went through the line and we sat at the table w/ all the other kids. He acted so grown up! It was so funny that most of the kids kept looking at me like they knew me, but since I didn't have scrubs on they couldn't figure out How they knew me! Once we told them I got all kinds of hugs. haha.
Here we are on the way down the hall after lunch to go visit Stacie's classroom. She teaches 2nd grade at Mt. View.
Katrina took us outside throught the playground
He was trying to share his cookie w/ Katrina

Such a big boy! We went on chicken nugget day (I was excited about eating a real school lunch again ;)
Well THIS was a total surprise..He was playing in his diaper, and he figured out how to take it off. So when I asked him if he had to go potty he said uh huh, so I set him up there. He was thrilled about it, and Really excited to flush the potty, but actually didn't use it!

Saturday night Grammy & PawPaw let Landon come stay with them a night, and me & Jonathan went camping down by the river w/ Keith & Ashley. I took this picture while they were playing horseshoes...have I mentioned before how beautiful a place we live?!?! Oscar & Elsa got to come camping with us and they were troopers! This was at the end of the night curled up by the campfire. Is there anything better?
Landon LOVES to stomp and hollar at the scarecrow in the garage, and today he got super brave and picked him up! He moved him out in the driveway and yelled at him for a little bit...
Sorry this post jumped around, but I was so busy playing all week I didn't get to take many pictures. It makes me sad that we're not in a position for me to stay home full time with Landon, but I know he's in good hands at my mom's. Part of me wishes I could be with him all the time, and see all his firsts, and silly things he does, but I'm very lucky that in times like these I have a good job. I work for a great Doctor (Landon sometimes doesn't think so on shot day ;) and with 3 wonderful coworkers. Maybe if we ever decide to give Landon a little sister (or brother) I'll have the option to stay home with the kids. Until then I'll just enjoy all my weekends and starting next week, my Fridays off!!!

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Summer Pendley said...

Mandy~ I am so glad that you had this week with is SOOOO fun being home with them, especially at Landon's age...when they are so curious and trying new things all of the time. It's fun to witness that and be there for those special moments...but, as you probably figured out, you end up staying SUPER busy when you're home with them, and, at times, you were probably exhausted, huh? I remember those days when only Noah was with me, and it can be so tiring, but SOOO rewarding! Glad you had a great week!