Sunday, May 31, 2009

Church Carnival

Our church held a carnival on Saturday complete w/ Hot dogs, really good lemondade, a hayride AND the best part...Inflatable JUMPIES! I had to help w/ our Relay 4 Life team's fundraiser at walmart that morning, so Landon was at the Funeral Home w/ his Dad. Lori said she'd pick him up and head up to the church and I'd meet her there. Well we finally made it up there, and it was loads of fun. My face cracks me up in this picture! Of course Landon was too little to go down alone so Mommy had to lug him up the side and come down. We did it QUITE a few times, and Mommy was worn out!
We tried to get a lil cousin picture in, but Landon was not happy about being taken away from the jumpies

Hangin out w/ some of their church friends, Simon & Riley

Here we are on hay ride #5 or 6,7,8...lost count..haha

Hunter & Landon enjoyin the ride...

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