Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I just want everyone to say a few extra prayers over the next few days for Evan. Most of you have read on here his story,but if your new, here's the rundown ;) He's suffering from a VERY rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). His skin is covered in blisters, and the care for him is like that of a burn victim. His mom has been educated on giving him bleach baths, and covering his body in aquaphor and wrapping him. It's a long tideous process especially when there are 2 other kids living at home. Fortunately, they are EB free. Today they leave to go to Cincinnati, OH to the childrens hospital that specializes in the care of children with this horrible disease. Please say your prayers that they have a safe trip, and maybe find out more things to help Evan with being more comfortable at home. He is a very happy baby, given his circumstances, and also has never been on any pain medication besides the usual baby tylenol. I'm afraid the pain he experiences every day is the norm for him, so please pray that God will give someone the knowledge to come up with a cure for this terrible disease.

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