Saturday, June 27, 2009

Josh's Birthday

On Wednesday night, Josh & most of his family & friends were in for the wedding on Friday, so April's cousin Kelly & her husband Nolan offered their house to have a lil get together/birthday party for Josh's 30th birthday. They have a beautiful back yard, and Landon thought it was DisneyWorld! His favorite part was definately the "waaaaaater"
Landon finally let Rachel swim with him so I could get out and get something to eat! Kole letting Landon get in the car for a lil bit..
He was in desperate need for a haircut!

Gettin ready to swing, I think he would have moved in if I would let him..

April got Josh's 'cake' specially made from a place called Blue Collar Joe's. They specialize in all sorts of donuts, and they are THE best donuts you'll ever eat in your life! Josh like's to play pool so she had them come up with this cute idea..

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The Jordan Girls said...

The donut cake looks awesome! I bet it tasted even better:) yum!!!