Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Fun

Tuesday night I went up to Lori's house so we could finish up the details for Aprils shower we're giving her. Well the kids didn't want any part of that, they wanted to Play play play! Abbie got a barbie jeep for christmas, and she had it out riding, and landon thought he was big enough to ride on Hunters old 4wheeler. Well sure enough he was! I think they had every toy out of the garage playing and or riding on it. I even rode Hunter's electric scooter, but good thing we didn't get any pictures of that! Lori also got out Abbie's crazy water flower that she got for Easter, and Landon put on Hunter's old swimmin trunks so they could maybe cool off a little. Welllll..Landon was standin a little too close to the flower when she turned on the water hose and he took some sprays to the face, so after that the wacky water flower was a no go.. Landon & Hunter comparing belly's. Landon wins hands down.
Miss Abbie posing in her "bavin suit" for me

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