Monday, June 15, 2009

April's Shower

Lori & I hosted a cookout/bridal shower for April over the weekend. It's so hard to beleive in just 2 weeks she'll be gettin married and then movin away from us. Our whole family is going to miss her VERY much and We'll always still think of her as OUR sister in law! Landon was in serious need of a nap while me & Lori were setting up for the party. Him and Barkley laid in the floor and finally both went down for a nap! haha
Gotta Love Walmart cakes.. man they're good

Everyone hangin out...

Gettin a bite to eat
April & her Bridesmaids. Me,Amanda(april)Stephanie & Kelley
Opening presents..we had to move inside because the bugs were unbareable
My mom is always comin up w/ creative and funny stuff. She used money and put on the barbie and called it "Aprils wedding night attire" Haha I'm sure Josh wouldn't mind that ;)
Poor Landon was the only guy there until Mark got home and took him for some "guy time"
April still openin presents

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