Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hometown Halloween

This year we were able to go downtown to Hometown Halloween. The same group that puts on "Rock the Block" were in charge of this and did an awesome job! The Rhinestone Rockers as well as the Heart Unit had a tent to hand out candy, and a lot of other organizations and business' handed out candy to all the kids. There was face painting, pumpkin carving, a chili cook off, and even a dog costume contest! No Lifeguard on Duty also performed so that always makes things fun. It was a fun filled day, and after trick or treating around all Landon was def ready to come home for a nap! Emma the kitty cat..
Chyanne the southern bell...

Evan was ready for a nap too I think!

The little cowboy takin a break from all the candy & suckers

Landon and Josie the spider dancin to the music..
This cowboy finally got his cowboy stare down ;)
Landon is startin to get the hang of the whole Halloween scene so I think he'll be even more fun next year!

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