Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paw Paw David's Deer!

On any given saturday in Virginia you better beleive that if there are no funerals all the guys are headed into the woods. And today was one of those days. The guys headed into the woods and a lil after lunch time Jonathan called to say his dad finally got one. Apparently the deer have been scarce this year (at least thats their excuse) but pawpaw David got the big one! He brought home this 8 pointer this afternoon and Landon couldn't Wait to see pawpaw's deer! He talked about it all the way up there askin if "paw paw shooted the deers with his gun" And notice he has on his camo & boots because when I told him this morning that his daddy was in the woods he Insisited on his "huntin deers clothes & boots" i'm in for it!

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