Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween fell on a Sunday, so the city celebrated on Saturday. The annual Hometown Halloween was saturday during the day which is an awesome thing for this community! The Rhinestone Rockers & Queen of Hearts had a tent passing out candy so we spent the majority of the day on Main St! Our idea was for Landon and Emma to coordinate this year and me and him dressed as Indians, and Ashley & Em were cowgirls.
Look at this cute little indian :) My only picture of them in th same vicinity..haha
The Rhinestone Rockers danced in the afternoon and of course we wore our costumes!

That night the band The Worx were playing at Cliffhangers Halloween party, so Landon had a slumber party with Grammy & PawPaw and I headed out for the night. Jonathan was supposed to go, but he ended up getting sick so he stayed home and slept. It turned out to be a fun night out with the girls (and Scott haha). I'm a firm beleiver that everyone needs time with their friends!!

Two flappers, an Indian, and Katy Perry ;)

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