Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birthday party #2

We've started a little tradition with a few of our friends to go to each others house and fix dinner for everyone. This sunday was at Stan & Brooklyn's house and they were so sweet to get a cake for Landon since it was his birthday. Of course he was thrilled to have another candle to blow out and enjoyed eating all the icing off the cake :) Landon blowing out his candle
Opening his present. They got him a tractor trailor w/ a 4wheeler on the back. He was so excited about the cake & present he kept goin back and forth sayin "cool man!"

The sugar high started to wear off so he got up w/ Ben & Keith on the couch to watch some TV

Ben's arm looked pretty comfy, and he was gettin tired..
He was quite the life of the party and ended up not wanting to leave. He informed me he was "stayin here w/ brookwyn!" Maybe before too long "keef & ashwey or stan & brookwyn" will give him some playmates :)

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