Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2nd Birthday Party

Saturday night we had family and a few friends over to celebrate Landon's 2nd birthday. He's into tools right now so I decided I would get him a tool bench. Big Hit! He loved using his hammer and 'screwdrwiver' to fix anything he could!
About the only show he'll watch on tv is "bob pants" so we decided to have a spongebob cake. It was also a hit and the only thing he wanted to look at while everyone else was eating pizza.

It was his birthday, so I let him sample his cake to make sure he liked it and all ;)

And this is what it looked like before we sang Happy Birthday and blew out his candle..haha

Two of his best friends, Emma & Dylan

Opening some of his presents

Mamaw got him a Thomas the train book and a train that runs by itself and goes on "adventures" All you have to do is tell him "Let's go Thomas!" and he takes off. Needless to say the dog's aren't a fan of it

This pretty much summed up the night after he wanted his chainsaw and leaf blower opened

Ashley, Scott & Emma got him this awesome chainsaw and he thought he could chainsaw the stairs, the couches and poor Oscar
Very happy after everyone sang to him. He announced "GIN PLEASE"

Blowin his candle out..and Lewis trying to help

Jonathan got him Lincoln logs for his birthday, but I think he got them for himself to play with ;)

The morning after his party, on his actual birthday. He was so excited to play with his toys all morning before church.

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