Friday, December 18, 2009

4 years

I can't believe that its been four years since we lost Philip. Every year you think it'll get easier, but it never really does. This time of year makes me really miss him because I know it was one of his favorites. We used to ride around looking at Christmas lights and always went on our yearly shopping trip(or trips) to roanoke and c-ville. Same thing every year, I would wear my VT stuff to charlottesville and he'd get mad and wouldn't walk with me down the sidewalk. I miss those days :) I just wanted to write about somethin Landon did last week, because as much as I miss Philip, this made me smile through my tears. I have a picture of me and Philip in the living room, with the angel that Kenny gave me for Christmas one year, and I always tell Landon thats his Uncle Philip and he's with Jesus. Well he was going through my picture album one day and found a picture of Stan & Philip from a party, well he knew Stan right off, but came over to ask me "who that?" and pointed to Philip. I told him it was his Uncle Philip that was w/ Jesus, and he started scratching the picture and saying "I want him out" He does that when he wants something out of a picture, and he thinks you can get it that way. I told him there were a whole lot of people that wanted him out of that picture, but until we are all in heaven with Jesus we'll just have to stick with looking at his smiling face in pictures. I miss you Philip Wayne!

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