Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Squirmers Christmas Special

The Squirmers choir at church recently held their program called "A Pillowcase Christmas" and I must say it was absolutely adorable! Miss Laura worked with these kids for the past few months practicing their songs, and moves, and Landon loved it! He was a shepard for the play and even had his own sheep. They sang a few songs, rang the bells and of course squirmed around! The cutest shepard I've ever seen...

Abbie played the part of Mary this year, complete w/ her own solo! She did great!

Landon decided to sit down for the first few songs.. I was just glad he stayed on stage!

There was a special surprise visitor in the fellowship hall after the program! He didn't want much of sittin on Santa's Daddy had to carry him over. He also told "canta slaus" that he wanted a Big green tractor

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