Friday, March 6, 2009

Four years already?!

We celebrated our four year anniversary on March 5th. It's hard to beleive what all has happened in just 4 short years. We've lived in Atlanta, two different houses, and had a wonderful baby boy. We celebrated by taking Landon over to Grammy & PawPaw's and we went to eat at Cat&Owl..super yummy. I waited all day to stuff myself and I felt like someone needed to roll me out of there! They even brought little candles in our dessert :) I surprised Jonathan with a gun that he had put on layaway last week. I was super sneaky and called Cindy at Alleghany sportsman and went after work to pay for it and register it. I even traded vehicles w/ april so Jonathan wouldn't see me pull in the parking lot (it's right across from the funeral home) He was very surprised and I still cant' beleive I spent money on that.. I might plead temporary insanity ;)

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