Sunday, March 8, 2009

Junior Miss Queen of Hearts

We had pageant #2 for the American Heart Association, the Junior Miss Queen of Hearts on Saturday night. I'm a pageant committee member, but I had to pull triple duty that night because not only did I do regular pageant stuff, we clogged in the pageant and I also dressed my neice Kari last minute. And let me just say she looked beautiful! We had 20 girls up for Queen, and ended up raising over $6000.00 for the Alleghany Heart Unit!! The next pageant is the Young Miss Queen of Hearts which is the one April & I are directors, whew..its a lot of work, but its all worth it!
After the pageant we stopped to pose for a quick pic in the hall, Kari just wanted to get her dress off! Kari & Katelynn during the parade of contestants. It was kinda neat since they are family that they were together. Katelynn placed and got 2nd runner up
She did an awesome job in all her categories, but her dress was beautiful!
I can't believe how grown up she is.

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