Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Abbie

Friday was my cousin Abbie's 3rd birthday party. Mommy had pageant practice so Daddy took me to a baseball game that afternoon (but it didn't last long cuz I fell & busted my lip so we came home) and then he got me ready for the party. He also decided to dress me just like him in khaki's and a white t-shirt as if we don't already look like twins! All my cousins were there to play with and we had a good time! Abbie got alot of Barbie stuff so I wasn't too interested in that junk, I just wanted to get in Hunters old fire truck! Abbie blowing out her three candles

Talkin on her cell phone and rockin the Dora shades we bought her
Me & Paw Paw watchin Abbie open presents
She got all kinds of good toys!
Aunt Lori showing Abbie some of her new Barbie stuff

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