Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday

So I'm officially in my "late twenties". I can't sneak by another year as mid 20's.yikes. As scary as that is, I guess I'll deal with it :) So my birthday started out pretty laid back, since I had a pageant saturday night and Landon went to Craigsville with Grammy & Pawpaw so we all slept in Sunday morning. We didn't make it to church because Landon went back down for a nap, so me & Jonathan just layed around too. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him just for him to spend the whole day with me and do whatever I wanted..thats not asking alot right?! ;) Well he did, and Ashley texted me and wanted us to go to Roanoke to eat, so we packed up Landon and met her, Scott, Emma, Katrina and Adam at the mall, then went to eat at O'Charleys--my fave :) I had a great birthday, even if I am late 20's ;)
Landon getting a little sleepy and cranky... Jonathan let him get on this at the mall, and it was hard getting him back off!

Emma had the right idea! She had her bottle and went to sleep!

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