Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pistol Packin Mama

Well anyone that knows Jonathan knows he has a slight "obsession" you could say with guns. He's wanted me to have my own gun, that I feel comfortable with for a while now, and I finally found one I liked. It's a Lady Smith & Wesson revolver and while it fits in the "cute" category a girl would put it in, Jonathan says it will suffice for what he thinks I need. I don't have a concealed weapons permit yet, so it stays home in the gun safe. haha. Now I never imagined having a gun as an accessory to my newest Dooney or Vera Bradley purse, but whatever. Last weekend the weather was nice so Me, Jonathan and his brothers went to the shootin range to try it out. My aim got better as the day went by... Now this is what I call Jonathan's "Rambo" gun. I've hated it from the day he bought it (guns are a sore subject with us) Of course he begged me to at least shoot it once, and I was feeling nice so I did it. It's definately something I do not like, although it doesn't have a kick to it hardly at all.

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Summer Pendley said...


You are so brave! I am terrified of guns!