Monday, February 2, 2009

Party Weekend

This weekend was full of birthday parties, and I was completely worn out. Both my friends Dylan & Jackson had their 2nd birthday parties, and my Aunt Beth had her birthday party at the Cat & Owl. I wasn' too interested in eating cake or watching them open presents, I just did my own thing.
It was such a nice day me, Elsa & Oscar were watchin the cars go by.. Then I figured if I could stretch out JUST enough I could open the door and we'd all go outside!
My new fascination is belly buttons. I have to make sure everyone has one, and Hunter thought it was very funny.

Hunter & Abbie came over to play while Aunt Lori went grocery shopping, so I shared all my toys for a while.

Jackson got alot of cool presents at his birthday, but he didn't want me to really play with them. I can't blame him.

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Scott, Ashley & Emma Paige said...

Note to NOT let Landon pull my shirt up in public, looking for my belly button! I've got my eyes on him...