Friday, February 13, 2009

Night Night

Well Mommy has me in a night time routine that I really like. Yesterday was a full day, Daddy took me to get a haircut and I heard him tell Mommy that I threw a fit. Now look at my face and tell me I did such a thing?! This is about my 5th haircut since I was 6 months old, it just keeps on growing, but Mommy says I look so grown up everytime I get one, and my Mamaw says I look more like my Daddy! I also L O V E to brush my teeth! As soon as I get my bath, and my jammers on Mommy tells me lets go brush our teeth and I go sit on the stool! She got me a bigboy toothbrush and its great. I was playing with Mommy's camera and she had a new picture of my friend Emma. Now I know girls have cooties, but I guess she looks pretty cute w/ her bow in her hair!

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