Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lil Stinker

We've been going through a not wanting to eat stage, and even though we know he would eat some of the stuff he's got this thing where he will NOT let you feed him. I fixed chicken noodle soup for dinner last night, and he was runnin around the kitchen playing and came over like he wanted a bite of my soup, so I tried to give him some, nope, not having any part of it. Well then he decided to climb up on his daddy's lap (can they look ANYmore alike?!) Well everytime Jonathan tried to take a bite Landon would put his face in front of the spoon to intercept it, so I told Jonathan if he's actually eating--FEED HIM! So apparently the little stinker felt like letting his daddy feed him, but wont' eat for anyone else. I hope it lasts because how many days can a kid live on chicken nuggets?!

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