Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Buddy Playdate

For the past month when we look at "Cwaire's" blog I've been telling Landon as soon as we get to Atlanta we're gonna have a playdate. They were so cute together at Kristin's shower right after they turned a year old, we knew it would be fun this time since they're running, talking and acting oh so grown up. So on a rainy day we got lunch and went to a Jump-Its place for an afternoon of jumping, playing and sweating! It's rare that he gets to play w/ his Birthday buddy since she lives 3 states away, but we always enjoy meeting up with them when we go visit!
"You mean I get to play on this stuff ALL DAY?!?!" Both of them took off up the ladder on the big slide and didn't look back!

Emma helping Claire up the steps
"Um, how do I get out of this thing?!"

Even Maddie got to join in on the fun!

No, he didn't fall in a bucket of water, he was just sweating that much
Checking each other out.....
....then in for the kiss..How sweet :)
The whole crew together. I hope we get to do this everytime we go down!

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