Monday, August 3, 2009

Rock the Block

The third Rock the Block of the season was a few weeks ago, and yes I'm a slacker at posting on my blog..its just so much easier on facebook right? Well anyway, me Jonathan & Landon grabbed our chairs and headed down to main street to hear some great music from a local band- No Lifeguard on Duty. It's one of my fave bands to hear, and of course Landon loves any kind of music he can break it down to. It's such an awesome thing for Covington to have during the summer- nobody can complain that there's nothing to do! The girls who got this going deserve praise! Breakin it down w/ Abbie..I think they get their dancin skills from their mama's ;)
No Lifegaurd on Duty

Some quality cousin cheeeese time
He thinks he's so grown up when he's w/ Hunter & Jake

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