Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation w/ the Pendleys

After months and months of planning our trip, the time finally came for us to pack up and head down to Atlanta. We were super excited because we got to stay for a whole week and had so many things planned to do while we were there! Since having children our vacations with each other have seemed to slow down, and we hadn't even got to meet baby Maddie yet. (She turned 6 months old right before we went down) We always enjoy our time w/ Chad & Kristin, because we hardley get to see each other. We're very blessed to have such great friends that even though they're 500 miles away if need be we'd be there in an instant for each other. Not only did we meet Maddie for the first time, but so did Landon. Who knows, she could be an Arritt one day ;) BUT we'll have to discuss whether they would live in Virgina or Georgia..haha

Landon got to hang out in the Pendley Playroom for a lil bit when we went to get a pack & play for him to sleep in. He LOVES visiting Terry & Darlene because they're super nice and they have an awesome playroom ;)

Chad & Jonathan..BFF's..haha

Takin a lil break while shoppin at the AvenueLandon & Maddie being good for their Mommy's :)

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