Monday, August 3, 2009

Atlanta Zoo

We had planned to go to the Georgia Aquarium on our trip, but we heard mixed reviews on it, whether or not it was stroller friendly, how much fun the kids would have, etc. Well we ended up deciding on the Zoo which I am SOO glad we did. I think I enjoyed it just as much as Landon. The whole morning he was talking about a Lion and an elephant, and the first animal we saw was his elephant! And of course as soon as we got to the exhibit the elephant decided to poop. Lovely. And Landon is STILL talkin about it today..haha
They're like twins...and they were both sweatin bullets..
Landon thought it would be cool to ride this giraffe since the other one ran out in the trees

This is what happens when you let Daddy's who are tired of takin pictures--take the picture...

The petting zoo was the coolest part for Landon. He got to pet the goats, sheep and pigs-and so did mommy :)

The train ride was fun for Landon even though it just went around the little petting zoo..
I hope to go back when he's a little older because I'm sure he'll enjoy it even more!

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