Sunday, August 23, 2009

WV Fair..Round 2

Saturday night was the last night of the fair and a few of the girls wanted to head over there for some food and fun :) Grammy&PawPaw kept Landon, and Me, Lori, April, Amanda, Janet & Karen headed west. We couldn't wait to get there to eat, and it was much easier to eat and enjoy the crowd w/out grumpy kids. We couldn't wait to get food, and I had been dying for those "loaded chips" They were home made potato chips w/ chedder cheese, bacon bits and ranch dressing.. they were a big hit :) Janet & Karen were more excited about their corn dogs ;) haha
Lori, Me, April, Karen, Amanda & Janet

We were getting quite a few stares doing the face in the hole's, but what can we say, we like to have fun :)
Ahh...the sights of the fair..
Until next year. . . .

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