Sunday, August 16, 2009

West Virginia State Fair

Well every year around the 3rd week of August everyone gets pretty excited for the fair to come to town. Since Virginia's state fair is like 3 hours away, it's awesome that we only have to drive about 30 minutes to Lewisburg for the WV fair. I've got such fond memories of going to the fair as many times as possible for the week, and even going to some really good concerts. This year Lori & I decided to be one of *those* people that pack up their kids, strollers and money and head west. Mark & Hunter were out of town, and Jonathan had to work a visitation, so we took Abbie & Landon. It was Landon's first trip, and I'm pretty sure after he got over his grouch mode it was a success.

Abbie was SO excited all day about going, and then on the way over she fell over asleep. She talked about the "hobby horses" all day and was SO excited to finally ride

Landon on his first fair ride. Unfortunately I couldn't use tickets to ride my personal favorite, the zipper. It's a sad day when you give up your fun to ride a flying elephant ;)

Landon was absolutely thrilled though. He's def my son if he likes the rides as much as I do!

My turn to take the kids on a ride. We had to ration tickets since we had to use them to ride w/ the little dumb..

Landon wanted a ball, so he played the "pick up a duck" game. So basically, I paid $2 for a plastic ball..haha

Abbie begged to ride this car ride, and she had to ride it all by herself. Well her facial expressions and yelling made me and Lori laugh the WHOLE time she was on it. When she got off she informed us that she was "never ridin that dumb ride again!"

I give up on trying to take a "face in the whole" picture

Lori's turn to ride, so they hit up the tea-cups

After all the tickets were gone, we grabbed some Lemonade, a strawberry shortcake and headed back to the jeep. Because after all, you can't go to the fair w/out pigging out on the great food!

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Sharon~heartsongs said...

I enjoy your blog!
I found you thru "Updates on Amy". I don't know Amy but I grew up with her mom in Clearwater Park.